Sogility Member Referral Program

We would like to introduce the Sogility Referral Program! This program is designed to reward those members who have helped Sogility get to where it is now and beyond.

How the program will work:
– Pick up a Sogility Member Referral Card(s) located in the lobby area of the facility
– Fill out the referral cards with your information on it
– Give your referral card(s) to friends, family, coaches, athletes, etc.
– Have them bring that referral card into the facility with them
– We will then collect your referral cards and reward you each month

Reward System:

2 referrals = 1 free month off your current Sogility membership level

5 referrals = 6 free months off your current Sogility membership level

10 referrals = 1 free year off your current Sogility membership level

*This is per month. The referral cycle resets every month.
*Must be an ACTIVE Sogility member to redeem rewards of the referral program.

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