Enhance your soccer skills and physical development while building confidence through our world-class technology and individualized data monitoring

Why Sogility is Right for You

For Players

Young girl on the field practicing soccer kicking, headers and other skills

Refine your skills and your physical development so you can confidently execute better on the field

For Parents

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One location for everything your child needs from a soccer developmental standpoint while having fun and staying safe

For Coaches

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Sogility can help with individual technical development so you can focus on the tactical and strategic aspects of the game in your training sessions

Sogility works around YOUR schedule and needs

  • Flexible online scheduling by mobile or desktop

  • Different plan options whether you want to train 1 time a week or 5 times a week!

  • Training sessions as low as $13 a session!

  • 6 different training options to keep players challenged and engaged

Sogility’s Technology and Innovative Training

If you are a goalkeeper, we have something for you too!

Sign up for Sogility Winter Camps!

Make plans this winter to be at Sogility! Avoid the cold weather and enjoy our new temperature-controlled facility! Sign up now, spots are filling up!

Our Innovative Technology Driven Soccer Training Partners

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For me, Sogility has helped me grow as a player and person. Every time I come in, I improve on something. The technology and environment they offer have helped me improve on my first touch, passing, awareness, and mental strength. There’s no other place like Sogility!

Mario Perea

Sogility has unique technology to help me become not only a better player but to also assist me in developing a deeper understanding of the game. Working with certified instructors and taking their advice and instruction, such as taking my touch forward or locking my ankle and following through on my down-line pass, and applying… Read more “Avery Goehl”

Avery Goehl

During my time training at Sogility I am always met by staff members who are willing and capable of providing me with an environment to get better. I am able to express what I want to work on and instantly a coach has drills to focus on that specifically.

Quincy McMahon

To get better overall in a certain craft, you must get better at the small things that matter first. Sogility allows me to take parts of my game back to the fundamentals and focus on a more consistent and efficient approach to training. As a result, when I get back on that field my game… Read more “Eric Dick”

Eric Dick

Sogility has been a fantastic asset for me during my time here in Indy. Being able to work with IFast has saved my career and allowed me to continue to grow as an athlete. Being able to improve my soccer techniques, as well as, improve my athleticism all in one building is perfect and allows… Read more “Evan Newton, Vancouver Whitecaps”

Evan Newton
Vancouver Whitecaps

My son had an amazing first training today. He loved it and the small group class gave plenty of personal attention, and full of great advices. Definitely booking more training sessions!

Madoka H.

I’ve been playing soccer my whole life, and I have been blessed to be able to play in college and now for Indy 11. With all my experience as a soccer player, I can say that the best thing you could ever do for yourself is to get touches on the ball. Working specifically on… Read more “Jordan Farr, Indy Eleven Goalkeeper”

Jordan Farr
Indy Eleven Goalkeeper

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