The Technical Soccer Zone is a place for players of all ages and abilities to use a range of advanced training products, built and developed by market leader Elite Skills Arena. ESA’s products feature the latest in soccer training technology developed by top-level coaches and used by the best players and clubs in the world. The equipment is developed using LED lighting and vibration-sensitive panels and software. Players using ESA equipment in the Zone have the advantage to improve their soccer attributes in a fun way that provides immediate statistical feedback and challenging leaderboards to motivate improvement.

This program’s objective is to provide our players with soccer-specific physical development training to help improve their development. We want to provide the athlete with knowledge of their body, and ways they can improve their functional movement for long term gains. We want to reduce injuries, setbacks, and allow our players to grow and develop at a higher rate on a yearly basis.

An innovative new state of the art Wireless training system, using ESA revolutionary technology, and only found at Sogility! Designed for professional training, the Circuit is a unique training product which can be utilized in specialized drills or incorporated into traditional individual and team training sessions. Players must react to split second game-like situations, make quick decisions, execute accurate and weighted passes, and learn to scan the field. The Circuit training studio is booked online, and accommodates 1-4 players.

Reflexion is the world’s first portable neuro-fitness service that helps you win more, recover faster, and achieve remarkable athletic milestones. Getting your head in the game has never been more effective. Reflexion works by training visual and cognitive skills, such as peripheral vision and reaction time, that have been proven to set the best athletes apart from the rest. Level 1, 2, & 3 Sogility Members can use their credits toward Neuro Training Sessions.

TechTouch is one on one training with a certified Sogility trainer. Sessions will focus on the first touch with a purpose, turning, combination play, receiving balls out of the air, and accurate passing. Players can request to work on specific skills, or trainers will put them through one of our designed sessions.

Skills Classes are small group & individual sessions focused on attacking skills. Our coaches will work hard to help your player improve in their overall technical and tactical skills.

This program offers beginners, intermediate, junior advanced, advanced, and advanced invite sessions that combine the technical, tactical, and physical sides of the position into training within a small group setting.

The Recovery Room provides unique technologies that decrease the recovery time between training or games.