Our program’s objective is to provide our players with soccer-specific physical development training to help improve their development.

We want to provide the athlete with knowledge of their body, and ways they can improve their functional movement for long-term gains. We want to reduce injuries and allow our players to grow and develop at a higher rate on a yearly basis.


  • Weight Lifting Equipment and Other Equipment


Targeted Skills

  • Speed

  • Agility

  • Strength

  • Movement



  • Soccer-specific physical development to ensure the right aspects of the body are being developed

  • Semi-private, professional training from top coaches for a very low cost

  • Challenging and motivating environment to ensure the player stays focused as well as enjoys working out


Weekly Training Schedule:

  • Monday: Strength Training

  • Tuesday: Speed Training

  • Wednesday: Strength Training

  • Thursday: Speed Training

  • Friday: Strength and Speed Mix Training

  • Sunday: Strength and Speed Mix Training

Sogility Athlete Development
Sogility Athlete Development